PA DeMolay at 100 Years

In March 1919, DeMolay International was formed in Kansas City, Missouri. The organization is named for Jacques DeMolay, the last Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Templar. When tortured to reveal secrets and names, DeMolay refused to betray those he considered his brothers. It was upon this principle that “Dad” Frank S. Land,

February 26th, 2023|DeMolay, News|

DeMolay Membership Celebrated

Bringing in new members and retaining old members is important to maintain success in any organization. Five of Pennsylvania DeMolay’s chapters have successfully inducted four new members in 2020. Those chapters are Chester Pike, Elizabethtown, Lincoln, Riverside, and Westmoreland. As a reward for their success in membership recruitment, Executive Officer, Rodney Boyce, and Director of

June 23rd, 2021|DeMolay, News|
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