How do they pick them? – Part III: DeMolay

With each Masonic organization having its own methods for picking leaders, it can quickly get confusing how a person might become the head of body. Add to that mix the Masonic Youth groups, with all of their titles and responsibilities, and even more confusion prevails. This series of articles will detail each of the three Masonic Youth Groups in turn, and provide a little bit more information on how their leaders are chosen. For the final article we will be focusing on Pennsylvania DeMolay.

Bro. Isaac W. Holtzer, 80th State Master Councilor of PA DeMolay
Bro. Isaac W. Holtzer, 80th State Master Councilor of PA DeMolay

Pennsylvania DeMolay has had 80 State Master Councilors (highest ranking youth leaders) since its inception. Also serving the jurisdiction are 5 other elected officers; Deputy State Master Councilor, State Senior Councilor, State Junior Councilor, State Scribe, and State Treasurer.

To be permitted to run for State Master Councilor a young man must have served at least one year as an Elected State Officer and attend an interview session with a panel of peers and advisors. To be eligible to run for any elected office a member must have served as Master Councilor of his Chapter, be a Representative DeMolay (an award which is earned by completing an involved self evaluation), have completed all five lessons of the Leadership Correspondence Course, and be approved by the adult leaders of his chapter. Once a young man has been approved to run, he will participate in the elections held each year, at the annual Convention.

The annual Convention is a meeting of all Chapters that make up Pennsylvania DeMolay. Each chapter selects 5 active DeMolays to be voting delegates to represent them at this meeting. Also permitted to vote are Past Master Councilors, Past State Master Councilors, and current Elected State Officers. These young men then cast their ballot for who they would like to have serve in each office. Most years see contested elections, and some have been won by only a single vote!

DeMolay prides itself on presenting a program where the young men can excel and display their leadership abilities. As evidenced by the lengthy process to attain the Office of State Master Councilor, one can see how much of a leader a young man must be! Check out for more details.

This concludes our three part series on how the leadership of the Masonic Youth Groups is chosen. We hope you found it interesting and educational. If you have any further questions, or would like to learn more, please contact the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation.