DeMolay is a youth organization for young men between the ages of 12 and 21. It’s a way to meet new friends and develop lifelong skills like public speaking, event planning and communication. DeMolay prepares young men to lead successful, happy and productive lives. Based on timeless principles and through experiential leadership, DeMolay opens doors to its members by developing civic awareness, personal responsibility, life skills and brotherhood.

DeMolay is a youth-led organization. The members influence, plan and execute a chapter’s activities based on their interests. The local chapter leader, called the Master Councilor, creates a term plan every six months. Every activity and event in the plan are an opportunity for members to gain coordination, communication and leadership experience while doing things they enjoy.

DeMolay members prepare presentations for community leaders, Freemasons, family members and other youth. They raise funds to support their activities and donate to worthy causes in their communities. When the work is done, they play laser tag, miniature golf, paintball, football and video games together!