Knights of Pythagoras is a community-based mentoring organization for young men between the ages of 7 and 20 which provides programs aiming to interest and aid its members in their growth and development. These programs promote and develop leadership, responsibility, and brotherhood within the membership, with the goal of creating not only better leaders, but also better young men.

Knights of Pythagoras empowers youths to reach their full potential by giving back to their communities in meaningful ways through various community service projects. These projects include, among many other service endeavors, food drives, community clean-ups, clothing drives, school supplies donations, and street adoptions. By engaging with their community through service, Knights become active members of their communities and leave on them a lasting, positive impact.

Conferences hosted by the Knights of Pythagoras provide opportunities to enhance leadership, life skills, and the personal development of the members. Additionally, all members have the opportunity to assume roles of leadership to further their development and dedication to their communities. Through leadership opportunities and service-based programming, Knights of Pythagoras creates the next generation of our leaders.