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The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the development of leadership and character among the youth of Pennsylvania. Since 1982, the foundation has provided a continuing expansion of resources, training, scholarships, and leadership to educational institutions and youth organizations across the commonwealth.


The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation proudly hosts a variety of conferences to train, educate, and inspire the youth of Pennsylvania and those who work with them.

Youth Programs

Youth programs are the heart and soul of our work at the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation. The foundation offers valuable, creative, and innovative programming focused on empowering youth to lead, serve, and develop the skills necessary for the future that awaits them.

Educational Institute

The Educational Institute provides professional development, educational workshops and seminars for students, educators, human service professionals, school administrators, and parents.


Through the generosity of the Masons in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation provides scholarships for those seeking to continue their education.

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Rainbow helped my sisters and I build the necessary skills for success in whatever we put our minds to. I gained valuable hands-on experience in leadership, teamwork, and communication which later helped me succeed in college, work, and everyday life.

Caitlin Gresham, Majority Member of Rainbow

DeMolay prepared me for life by developing my skills as a professional. At Chapter meetings, community events, and state conventions; DeMolay built in me the confidence, drive, and service-mindedness I needed to speak publicly and build relationships with those around me.

Daniel Sellers, Senior DeMolay

Being an Eagle Scout, DeMolay, Freemason, and military officer have helped prepare me to be a better and more caring citizen. I have considered it an obligation to pass along the precepts and principles I have learned along the way. To me, being a good citizen is summed up in the Scout Law: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Mark Milliron, Scouts and Freemasonry

The most important thing that Job’s Daughters has taught me is communication. Before joining Job’s Daughters, I was extremely shy and hated having to talk to anyone without my mom. Since then, I have come out of my shell and have been able to take on leadership roles that require lots of communication.

Corrie Baker, Active Member of Job’s Daughters

The Squires program (for young men aged 9 to 11) helped me become the DeMolay member I am today. I was in Squires for around 2 years and it taught me how to become a public speaker, how to plan out events, and it gave me so many opportunities to have fun. Now that I am in DeMolay, I look back to when I was a Squire and remember how much it helped shape me into a member of DeMolay.

Chris Misko, Active DeMolay and Senior Squire Member

Being a member of Job’s Daughters has given me the ability to become a responsible young woman. With all the opportunities offered through this organization, I have learned leadership skills, time management, honesty, and being held accountable for my actions. All of these traits have molded me into the young woman I am today.

Alyssa Kline, Active Member of Job’s Daughters
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