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The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the development of leadership and character among the youth of Pennsylvania. Since 1982, the foundation has provided a continuing expansion of resources, training, scholarships, and leadership to educational institutions and youth organizations across the commonwealth.


The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation proudly hosts a variety of conferences to train, educate, and inspire the youth of Pennsylvania and those who work with them.

Youth Programs

Youth programs are the heart and soul of our work at the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation. The foundation offers valuable, creative, and innovative programming focused on empowering youth to lead, serve, and develop the skills necessary for the future that awaits them.

Educational Institute

The Educational Institute provides professional development, educational workshops and seminars for students, educators, human service professionals, school administrators, and parents.


Through the generosity of the Masons in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation provides scholarships for those seeking to continue their education.

Pennsylvania Youth Groups

To reach an individual chapter, bethel, council, assembly or unit, visit the Contact Us page.

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Volunteers: Motivators and Mentors

January 9th, 2024|News|

The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation provides resources, guidance and leadership opportunities to over 580 youth across the state, and it takes the hearts and hands of dedicated volunteers to help the youth groups thrive.


“I feel like I’ve gained connections with people who can guide me in the right direction. People think it’s just to help young men be better, to help them grow, which is true. But it’s also just to have fun, to join other kids your age, make new friends and experience new things.”

Mason, Member of DeMolay

“I feel like I’m better prepared for the future because it gives me a bit of responsibility to have big roles in my chapter. I would encourage other girls to join because it builds their personality, helps them become more social and makes them feel more like they should help out others.”

Jaida, Member of Ruth Mitchel Tucker Girls Youth Department

“I feel better prepared because not only did [Rainbow] teach me how to do public speaking, it taught me how to make a resume and how to put myself out there, for schools and colleges. It really helps with a lot of scholarships they give as well, so I can pursue the things I want when I finish growing up. One thing I really enjoyed is no matter where I turn or how hard the road gets, there’s always someone there to guide me through it.”

Amanda, Member of Rainbow for Girls

“I made the transition from someone who was being led to one of the girls who was leading, and that was a really important time in my life, both in Job’s Daughters and in my life in general. I felt it gave me a lot of confidence to then move on to other leadership opportunities outside of Job’s Daughters as well. I think Job’s has really encouraged me to always push for more and always expect more of myself in a good and healthy way.”

Lauren, Member of Job's Daughters

“It’s been a long, long way from where I came, and [Knights of Pythagoras] evolved me from where I used to be to who I am today. I would encourage young men to join the Knights of Pythagoras because it’s a program where you can get away from family problems, problems that you normally wouldn’t be able to get away from, even if it’s in your own city or neighborhood.”

Aaron, Member of Knights of Pythagoras
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