The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation maintains an Educational Endowment Fund, from which scholarship awards are made annually to deserving recipients in a competitive program.

While awards are not guaranteed, the opportunity for a fair appraisal of the information provided to our committee is assured. These scholarship, grant and loan opportunities are for Masons, their siblings, children, grandchildren and members of the Masonic-related youth groups in Pennsylvania.

The precise number and amount of scholarship awards made each year varies according to the income available from the Endowment Fund. To date, more than 688 awards, totaling nearly $1 million, have been granted to Pennsylvania students. Each year, we publish a Masonic Scholarship Resource Guide, which is made available to all Pennsylvania Masonic lodges, as well as to Pennsylvania school districts and interested individuals.

The guide lists all awards available through the Endowment Fund, as well as several other awards available to relatives of Masons and Masonic youth group members, which can be applied for separately.  Deadline for filing is March 15.

All the awards currently available are included in the Masonic Scholarship Resources Guide. If you have difficulty accessing this information for any reason, you may request to have a copy of the guide sent to you by standard mail by contacting our office.