How do they pick them? – Part I: Job’s Daughters

With each Masonic organization having its own methods for picking leaders, it can quickly get confusing how a person might become the head of body. Add to that mix the Masonic Youth groups, with all of their titles and responsibilities, and even more confusion prevails. This series of articles will detail each of the three Masonic Youth Groups in turn, and provide a little bit more information on how their leaders are chosen. For the first article we will be focusing on Job’s Daughters. Special thanks to Jan Harms, Past Grand Guardian for Pennsylvania Job’s Daughters for supplying this information!

Miss Victoria M., the current Miss Job's Daugher of Pennsylvania
Miss Victoria M., the current Miss Job’s Daugher of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Job’s Daughters has three young ladies who serve as leaders for the State. You are most likely to first meet the young lady serving as Miss Job’s Daughter. She is chosen in the spring at the highly competitive Annual Miss Job’s Daughters Scholarship Pageant based on her public speaking ability, knowledge of Job’s Daughters, and personality. Her primary responsibility is to be the organization’s “spokesperson” and attend various Masonic functions throughout the year.

You may also get the pleasure to meet Miss Congeniality. She is chosen in the spring, by her peers, at the Miss Job’s Daughters Scholarship Pageant. Her primary responsibility is to raise money and awareness for the HIKE fund, which helps children with hearing disabilities.

Lastly, one young lady serves as the Grand Bethel Honored Queen. She is chosen each June at the annual Grand Session. She oversees the operation of the statewide Mary Etta Wright Grand Bethel, presides at its meetings, and performs the ritual work in a meeting of the Grand Bethel. The purpose of the Grand Bethel is to promote membership and add another level of opportunity for leadership for girls.

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