Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation (PMYF) has promoted David W. Berry to executive director and Joseph A. Pullin to assistant executive director, effective immediately.

As executive director, Berry is responsible for establishing goals and objectives; supervising staff; maintaining the budget; coordinating facilities’ usage and scheduling; communicating with Masonic youth groups, their leaders and Masonic organizations; overseeing volunteer recruitment and training; and developing and implementing programs, policies and activities which enhance membership growth and character development.

Berry has worked for PMYF since 1992, most recently serving as interim executive director. He is a trained educator and has worked in radio and local government.

Berry is the executive secretary of Pennsylvania DeMolay, an advisor for Elizabethtown DeMolay and serves on the board of governors of the Lancaster Dyslexia Center for Children. He received the HODEGOS Award in 2005 for outstanding volunteer service to Masonic youth. He is also a member of Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682, Elizabethtown, and an officer in the Lancaster Lodge of Perfection.

In his role, Pullin is responsible for serving as secretary to the board of directors; speaking at Masonic organizations and related youth group engagements; developing and supervising programs, seminars and meetings for Masonic youth groups; facilitating communication to adult and youth leadership; and maintaining youth membership and volunteer databases.

Pullin has been employed by PMYF since 2015, most recently as program assistant. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sports and recreational management from Ashford University and previously worked as a public safety supervisor.

Pullin is a member of Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682, Elizabethtown, currently serving as worshipful master. He is also the advisory council chairman for Riverside DeMolay, the executive administrator for Pennsylvania DeMolay and a deputy member of DeMolay International. He was awarded the HODEGOS Award in 2022 for outstanding volunteer service to Masonic youth.

David W. Berry

David W. Berry, Executive Director

Joseph A. Pullin

Joseph A. Pullin, Assistant Executive Director