With a commitment to youth development, the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation (PMYF) provides resources, guidance and leadership opportunities to over 580 young individuals across the state. In this mission, it takes the hearts and hands of dedicated volunteers to help the youth groups thrive.

“I would encourage all adults to mentor a child,” Roxanne Plater, a Ruth Mitchell Tucker Girls Youth Department volunteer, said. “You could be the world to just one young child and not even know of the difference you have made.”

Volunteers may choose to serve in any five of the Masonic youth groups, including DeMolay, Job’s Daughters, Knights of Pythagoras, Rainbow for Girls and Ruth Mitchell Tucker Girls. All youth groups focus on the youth of today, ages ranging anywhere from seven to 20. While the youth members are expected to take individual ownership of their Masonic involvement, volunteers are needed to provide motivation throughout the process.

“Although we are a youth-run organization, we are still kids in need of some good advice,” Benjamin, member of DeMolay, said. “My advisors have helped me grow, see what is possible and motivate me. I would not be anywhere close to the young man I am today if it were not for this amazing Masonic youth group.”

In today’s world, messages are communicated through various forms, including technology, social media and peers. The youth of today face both positive and negative influences, requiring the much-needed support of an adult to guide them along the way. Adult volunteers play a pivotal role in mentoring and encouraging Masonic youth group members.

“To be even a small part of the kids being successful, in getting through what can be a very tough time, is a privilege and honor,” Grace Medley, volunteer with Rainbow for Girls, said. “I really enjoy all my time spent here with them.”

When an adult signs up to be a PMYF volunteer, they are gifted the unique opportunity to cultivate a positive and uplighting environment for Masonic youth to succeed. Volunteers gain real-world experience in educating and leading youth through adolescence.

“Overall, it is just a great community to be in because you have adults who are going to be there for you,” Samatha, member of Job’s Daughters, said. “They can help you in life and influence you in the best way possible.”

Adult volunteers directly influence youth by teaching everyday skills and tools of empowerment to foster good decision makers. While watching youth develop and lifelong friendships form, the PMYF volunteer experience offers adults the chance to give back.

“There is nothing more fulfilling than pouring into the youth what was originally poured into you,” Jerry Bradford, Knights of Pythagoras volunteer, said. “Giving them an opportunity to grow up and know the values and morals of life and being a positive role model to some children who do not have that.”

Are you interested in having a direct and positive impact on youth? If so, PMYF may have the perfect opportunity for you!

For complete information on becoming an adult volunteer with one of our youth organizations, please visit our Volunteer page, or reach out to Joseph Pullin, assistant executive director, PMYF, at 717-367-1536, ext. 8, or japullin@pmyf.org.