When a worldwide crisis takes place, it is our responsibility to look out for the people around us. The pandemic has closed schools for the end of the school year, put parents and other adults out of work, and left a lot of uncertainty in the lives of many. Some of this is focused on the ability to feed their families while trying to survive financially.

One of the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation’s recent programs is the Food for Friends 2020 initiative. Some of our youth relied on the school to provide at least two meals a day, while other families have been struggling to provide meals because of being laid off from work. Thanks to the help of WGC Catering, we have been able to provide meals for families who may need extra support during this challenging time. DeMolay Chapters, Rainbow Assemblies, or Job’s Daughters Bethels were able to nominate families connected to their Masonic Family that need food and assistance.

Our program started in the Central PA section, with deliveries being made to qualifying families in Elizabethtown, Harrisburg, Dauphin, and York counties. The program then expanded to areas including Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie, and many others, in which packages were shipped to families in need. Taking care of each other is an important message during this time, and PMYF has been doing what we can to help support some of our family. A new phase to this program, which we are calling phase four, will be available soon. Stay tuned, as we continue to help people in need.