Bringing in new members and retaining old members is important to maintain success in any organization. Five of Pennsylvania DeMolay’s chapters have successfully inducted four new members in 2020. Those chapters are Chester Pike, Elizabethtown, Lincoln, Riverside, and Westmoreland. As a reward for their success in membership recruitment, Executive Officer, Rodney Boyce, and Director of Membership, Mike Larkin, are providing each of those chapters with a pizza party. The chapters were responsible for scheduling dates that will work for all involved in the event, as well as the desired location to hold the party. “Dad” Boyce and “Dad” Larkin were present at the pizza parties to celebrate each chapter’s success.

This pizza party has served as a great way to build momentum for the chapters that recently achieved success in membership. The party allowed members to get excited, giving them the inspiration to create more fun events in the near future. The more interest a member has, the more they will want to participate in the DeMolay experience. Congratulations to all five chapters on their success.