This article was written by Stephanie Barth, Grand Faith for Pennsylvania Rainbow.

In a time of isolation, the Masonic youth continues to come together while practicing social distancing. On Saturday, April 18th, Pennsylvania Rainbow held our annual All-Call Weekend. Typically, this would be held at Patton Campus, but due to the pandemic, we held it over zoom calls throughout the day. This is the girls’ favorite weekend due to the wide variety of sessions planned by the Grand Officers that allow everyone to participate in fun activities with their sisters. Therefore, rather than canceling, some dedicated rainbow advisors worked together to make this weekend possible.

The sessions started at 9 A.M. with a session explaining how the day would go. We then went into sessions, where girls could pick one out of four sessions for each of the four time slots. Sessions planned by the Grand Officers included trivia, charades, crafts, coloring, meditation, and dance classes. We then had our worship service given by our Grand Chaplain. After this, Grand Officers and Grand Representatives split up into different meetings to catch up with one another and continue some of the work that we would have done if we were together in person. As Saturday always ends at a Rainbow Patton Weekend, the girls and advisors then had the choice between joining a Netflix party to watch “Bolt” with your Rainbow Family or have a “Dining Room Hangout” where everyone could meet and hang out. Overall, the day was a great success, and the girls all had fun catching up and interacting with their Rainbow Sisters.