Staying connected is an important part of DeMolay and something that has been put to challenge during the time of social distancing. It forces the members to think outside the box and come up with new ways to stay in contact with each other. Although holding a meeting is great, sometimes our youth needs events in which they can have fun with their friends. One way that teenagers know how to do that is through the use of video games. Some of the DeMolay Chapters have created gaming servers to work together and stay in touch.

A few of the Chapters, including Westmoreland and Allentown, have created Minecraft servers. Minecraft is a video game that allows you to create lands and explore the creations of others. It explores a person’s creativity by giving them the chance to create worlds and build things. Both Chapters started the game with the members from their respective Chapter, and have expanded by inviting others to play along. Another event that took place was a movie night, put together by Caleb from Westmoreland Chapter. He invited members throughout PA DeMolay to join in through Discord while they played the most recent Star Wars film. Although a challenge, staying connected is something that the members of DeMolay have done very well.