For a brief time in March, PMYF was forced to put a hold on the distribution of all Scouting awards and recognitions that we distribute from our office. This delay was due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our immediate need to work remotely, making distribution difficult for a short time. We are proud to announce that we have been back to business as usual with the scouting recognitions. Please send in any applications to the office as usual, and we will process them accordingly.

In case you are not familiar with the scouting programs that PMYF offers, here are some brief descriptions of those programs. The Daniel Carter Beard Award acknowledges a Mason who has volunteered time as a Scout leader. It takes a dedicated person to devote their time to a youth program, and we recognize those Masons who dedicate their time to the scouts. The Masonic Eagle Scout pin is a lapel pin available to be purchased by a Mason who has earned the Eagle Scout Award. The application can be found on the PMYF website, and the pin is $10. The Masonic Eagle Scout recognition is a letter sent to the recipient of the Eagle Scout award, signed by the Grand Master of Masons in Pennsylvania.