The District Youth Chairman is appointed annually by the District Deputy Grand Master to help lodges in the district interact with the Masonic youth groups in his district, develop new Masonic youth groups, support youth programs conceived by lodges and promote scholarships and other programs of the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation.

Specific Duties:

    1. Create a successful relationship with the Lodge Youth Chairmen in the district, ensuring they understand and accept the specific duties of that position.
    2. Assist lodges in scheduling youth interactions with its members. For example: youth leader speakers, ritual exemplifications, videos or youth assistance with lodge projects and programs.
    3. Provide a point of contact within your district, acting as a liaison between the district and the PMYF professional staff.
    4. Attend official visits of the D.D.G.M. and speak on PMYF programs when called upon by the D.D.G.M.
    5. File monthly report form with the D.D.G.M. and Board of Directors of the PMYF.
    6. Attend Masonic youth meetings, programs and activities, when invited, to support and learn more about the youth groups and their needs.
    7. Conduct meetings, at least once a year, with additional follow-ups as needed, on supporting and revitalizing existing Masonic youth groups in your district with an emphasis on the recruitment of quality adult volunteers. Also, review what’s working and recognize the efforts of those engaged and doing good things.
    8. Identify Masonic communities that would benefit from the inclusion of a Masonic youth group in its area and conduct meetings, as needed, on establishing and developing Masonic youth groups in your district.
    9. Encourage the promotion of the PMYF Scholarship Program.
    10. Submit photographs and written material on Masonic youth programs to the PMYF for possible inclusion in various publications and social media platforms.
    11. Encourage individual Masons and lodges to financially support the local Masonic youth groups and the PMYF programs.

Please contact Executive Director Dave Berry if you have any questions about the roles and duties.