The Lodge Youth Chairman (lodge representative to the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation) is appointed annually by the Worshipful Master to promote the Masonic youth groups and the programs of PMYF. The appointment must be reported by the lodge secretary in the Grand Lodge database.

Specific Duties:

    1. Organize a Lodge Committee on Youth to facilitate the support of the Masonic youth groups and PMYF program promotion.
    2. Present short (one to two minutes maximum) monthly reports at stated meetings about the activities of the Masonic youth groups. PMYF will provide talking points.
    3. Assist the Worshipful Master and Wardens in planning for their terms by scheduling youth leader speakers, ritual exemplifications, videos or youth assistance with lodge projects and programs.
    4. Collect names and addresses of lodge members who would make good youth group volunteers and provide this information to the PMYF.
    5. Collect names and addresses of eligible youth, and refer them to local Masonic youth groups. Encourage lodge members to get their children, grandchildren, other relatives and neighbors involved in the Masonic youth groups.
    6. Promote the scholarship programs of PMYF.
    7. Identify Masonic communities that would benefit from the inclusion of a Masonic youth group and support the efforts of this project.
    8. Cooperate with the District Youth Chairman in efforts to support the Masonic youth groups and the PMYF, filing brief reports with him detailing these efforts.
    9. Submit photographs and written material on Masonic youth programs to PMYF for possible inclusion in various publications and social media platforms.
    10. Encourage the lodge to sponsor one or more youth to PMYF conferences and programs, like the LifeSkills Conference.
    11. Represent the lodge by visiting area Masonic youth groups.

Please contact Executive Director Dave Berry if you have any questions about the roles and duties.