In addition to our assistance to Masonically-sponsored Youth Groups and our extensive Scholarship Program, the PA Masonic Youth Foundation continues to create and carry-out various programs to benefit the Youth of Pennsylvania including award and recognition programs, publications, and other resources.

Lodge and District Youth Chairs

Each PA Lodge and Masonic District appoints a chairman to coordinate the Lodge or District’s participation in youth programs.


Beginning in 2005, the PA Masonic Youth Foundation and the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania are pleased to present this unique award to exceptionally deserving adult volunteers in our Masonic Youth Groups.

Pennsylvania Masonic Blood Donor Club

Masonic Youth group members are now eligible to participate in this valuable program of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Group Grants

Beginning in 2012, the PA Masonic Youth Foundation offers one time grants to Masonic Youth Groups located in Pennsylvania.

Education and Prevention

We are proud to support a variety of worthwhile educational and prevention programs, designed to help protect our children and youth from the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, violence and bullying, and abduction.

Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania recognizes the important role of Scouting in the lives of youth by the presentation of this award, administered by the PA Masonic Youth Foundation as a recognized community organization award of the Boy Scouts of America.


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