A Summer of LifeSkills

DSC_0193While cold November weather may be upon us, many young people are thinking back to the warmer day so summer and the PA Masonic Youth Foundation’s LifeSkills Conference, held each summer at Patton Campus in Elizabethtown and scheduled for July 19 – 24, 2105.

We all know that the LifeSkills Conference centers its teachings on three core concepts; Respect for others, Responsibility for your own actions, and establishing quality Relationships with others. But how exactly does the program teach these concepts? Through interactive and fun presentations and workshops, that’s how!

Participants in the LifeSkills Conference don’t sit around and listen to lectures about how they should behave and act. Rather they participate in the learning experience by becoming partners in personal growth. A great example of this is the classic “Trust Fall.” In this exercise, participants willingly lose their balance and fall, trusting that their peers will be there to catch them. While this exercise may seem a little cliché, the philosophy is sound. The LifeSkills conference takes this task to the next level though. Falling backward and having someone catch you is one thing, but what about voluntarily falling off of a platform several feet in the air? Would you willing be to do that?

The LifeSkills Conference is more than just a week of pep talks and feel good stories. It’s about coming together as young people in a challenging world, and learning how to handle oneself as a person, and how to contribute back to society in a positive way. These ideas are not new. In fact, one could say they are several hundred years old, being of the same foundations that erected our fraternity. So, have you considered sponsoring a young person to attend the LifeSkills Conference? The ideas of Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships depend on the Masonic fraternity to continue!

Click here for registration information for the 2015 Conference!