The PA Masonic Youth Foundation produces a number of topical and periodical publications as resources to Masonic Lodges and Youth Leaders throughout the state, including:

  • MYMThe Masonic Youth Minutes – a bimonthly review of major happenings in the PA Masonic youth community. This newsletter is mailed to all Worshipful Masters, Lodge Secretaries, Youth Chairs, and other supporters of the PA Masonic Youth Program. The Youth Minutes provide material Lodges can use to give a one-minute report on youth at each stated meeting.  For the latest issue, select from the QUICK PICKS menu to the right.
  • How To Start a Masonic Youth Group – This is a general review of the process to start a Rainbow Assembly, a DeMolay Chapter or a Job’s Daughters Bethel. Each group has its own specific procedures and guidelines, but this outline will give you a basic overview of the commitment needed to be successful.
  • Real World Rules – Simple rules to encourage personal responsibility and smart living.
  • Isn’t That A Cult? -Have you ever been asked that question about Masonic-related youth organizations? This article discusses the characteristics of a cult, and answers parents concerns about Masonic-sponsored youth groups. Shows the dramatic contrast between these youth groups and “cults.”

*All PMYF print material posted on this site, except where otherwise noted, is copyrighted material. Permission is granted to make copies for free distribution. Written permission is required to reprint in any other publication.