Masonic Youth Leader Apron

Bro. Jay W. Smith, goodversionRight Worshipful Past Grand Master, created and authorized the wearing of a special apron at all Masonic Lodges in Pennsylvania. This apron, pictured here, sets apart those Brothers who devote time and energy to our Masonic Youth Groups in Pennsylvania, and recognizes their service to DeMolay, Rainbow and Job’s Daughters.

The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation is responsible for the distribution and tracking of these aprons.  They may only be issued to those who are authorized to wear them.

To receive an apron, a Master Mason must be a registered adult leader with a local PA Rainbow Assembly, PA Job’s Daughters Bethel, or PA DeMolay Chapter. The aprons will be issued to the local units and they will be responsible to verify their location and arrange for collection and transfer of these aprons when the Mason is no longer serving in that capacity.  To acquire an apron, the Chairman of the local youth group must request and sign for them.  They are issued and inventoried on the local level. This is the only way to obtain one of these fine garments.

Please Contact the PMYF office at 717-367-1536 for further questions regarding the aprons.