Masonic Youth Group Grants

Thanks to the generosity of the Masons of Pennsylvania, we are pleased to announce a new program through which your youth group can apply for funding to subsidize membership recruitment efforts, special programs or activities that benefit your local community.

Using the PA Masonic Youth Group Grant program application, you can request support in any amount in excess of $500 and less than $2000 to do something unusual, significant, bold, and important for your youth group that might be outside your usual financial capability.

We are looking for creative new ideas to share with others. We are looking for unique ways for our youth groups to become more attractive to the youth and parents in the community. We are hoping to take the financial roadblock away from a trial of a new idea. We will share successful ideas with everyone.

This is NOT something that can be applied for quickly or carelessly. The PMYF Board will carefully and thoroughly evaluate all submissions and will take into account the primary goal, the appropriateness of the publicity plan, detail in the budget, the standards or metrics to which you will hold your performance, the completeness of the timeline, and the neatness of the application. We may return applications for further information. We may deny or accept the grant requests based on subjective evaluation. There is no guarantee of a grant. A grant may or may not be repeated, and a unique idea may or may not be given a second trial. Not only is the plan important, but also our assessment of the likelihood for success by the group.

We also ask that you involve your youth members in this process. We believe this is a unique opportunity to teach your youth members about the concept of financial grants, and how to plan, execute, evaluate and report the results of their activity.

The files below include the application for the grant as well as sample supporting documents. All are in .pdf format.