Nominations may be submitted by any two currently registered local or statewide adult leaders in a PA Masonic Youth Group, or any senior or majority member of one of the groups. Nominations are due by October 15 of each year.

It is recommended that the candidate be registered as an adult leader with one or more of our Masonic Youth Groups. While the award is designed with the specific goal of recognizing Master Masons who have given outstanding service to the Masonic Youth Groups, the candidate does not need to have a Masonic affiliation. A minimum of seven years of service to a Masonic Youth Group is required. The seven years need not be concurrent, and may be cumulative. Simply put, the candidate qualifies for nomination if he or she is deemed worthy of this recognition by the recommenders.

IMPORTANT: It is intended that all nominations be submitted in secret. Since only two awards are granted per youth group per year, most nominees will NOT receive this award, and thus it is expected that those who are submitting the nomination will be sensitive to the feelings of the individual they are championing by holding all information as a closely guarded and important secret. No individual may nominate himself or herself, or request his or her own nomination for the award.

A standard form for the nomination is available here, or by request from the PA Masonic Youth Foundation Office.

A completed nomination must include:

  • A completed nomination form, signed by the two recommenders.
  • Three Testimonial Letters of Recommendation, from persons other than the recommenders:
  • One from an active member of the youth group.
  • One from a local youth group adult leader.
  • One from any adult serving in a supervisory capacity over a statewide youth group program (such as an EO Leadership Team member, a Grand or Special Deputy, or Grand Council member).
  • A clear, recent photograph of the award candidate.
  • A biography or resume (500 words or less) of the award candidate, detailing personal, professional, community and fraternal activity.
  • Optional: Up to two additional testimonial letters may be submitted relating to outside religious, civic or community activities.

Nominations that are not granted will be returned to the recommenders, following the announcement of the current year’s selection, with encouragement to re-submit the nomination with additional information the following year.

Please consider nominating a deserving adult this year to help us recognize the tremendous contribution of our adult volunteers to the youth of our Commonwealth.


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