Blood Club

It has been suggested that the Masonic Youth organizations are the life blood of the Masonic Fraternity. Now, in a very real way, the fraternity is offering that life blood to youth. For the first time, membership in the Pennsylvania Masonic Blood Donor Club is open to the Masonic Youth Groups of Pennsylvania.

Members of the youth groups may now join the blood club by making a donation or having a substitute donor give for them. As with other members, a single donation to the blood club makes these youth, and their parents, guardians and siblings eligible to receive blood products free of charge in the event of a future medical need. Of course, ongoing donations by members are encouraged and much needed by others. With the charitable spirit we’ve seen in our PA Youth Group members, we’re sure they’ll be giving life by giving blood at every opportunity. Of course, membership in the club remains open to Masons, their widows, and members of Masonic-related women’s organizations.

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