Being a mentor means making an impact on the lives of others. Our Masonic youth group members rely on mentors and advisors to help motivate them to reach the success that we know they are capable of. Adult volunteers dedicate their time to support our Masonic youth in reaching these goals.

While adult advisors help guide and encourage the young men and women in the Masonic youth organizations, the youth must plan and create their path for success. They determine the events they participate in, the best way to promote their organization and the form of charity and service they get involved with.

How have you benefited from membership in the Masonic youth group you belong to?

“Job’s Daughters has given me the confidence to talk in front of anyone who will listen, to stand up for what I think is right, and the only way I can be successful is to work with those around me.”
– Victoria Lichtenwalner, Job’s Daughters Bethel 19, Mechanicsburg

“Masonic youth groups have given me so many unique experiences and helped me pass them along to others in a safe, nurturing and fun way. I learned how to speak publicly, give a good interview, plan events, get out and help my community, be a good leader and so much more.”
– Benjamin Bell, Order of DeMolay, Reading Chapter

How have adult volunteers impacted your experience?

“They have helped me gain new knowledge and skills, especially skills I needed to apply for my first job.”
– Vivienne Nolt, Job’s Daughters Bethel 15, Elizabethtown

“Although we are a youth-run organization, we are still kids in need of some good advice. My advisors have helped me grow, see what’s possible and motivate me. I would not be anywhere close to the young man I am today if it weren’t for this amazing Masonic youth group.”
– Benjamin Bell, Order of DeMolay, Reading Chapter

Have you considered becoming an adult volunteer and impacting the lives of our Masonic youth group members? Do you know a young man or woman who would benefit from being part of one of these groups?

Contact the PMYF office at 717-367-1536 or Brother Joseph Pullin, Assistant Executive Director, directly at