Who may attend?

Maybe you! The Conference is open to Pennsylvania youth who are:

  • Between the ages of 12 and 16 years.

Any one of the following:


  • A member of a Masonically-sponsored youth
  • group, or…
  • A close relative of a Mason, or…
  • A youth sponsored for attendance by a Masonic Lodge.
  • Ready to invest in a fun and challenging week of New experiences, new ideas, and new friends…

How do I qualify for the Conference?

All applicants must indicate how they qualify for the Conference. Do one of the following:

If you are a member of a Masonically-sponsored Youth Group (DeMolay, Job’s Daughters, Rainbow … ), you may indicate that membership to qualify. Your registration request must be signed by an advisor of your group, indicating their approval of your participation.

Find out if you have a close relative (such as father, grandfather, uncle, or brother) who is a member of a Masonic Lodge. If so, they may act as your “sponsoring organization” on your application. Give full contact information for your Masonic relative.

Contact a local Masonic Lodge or other Masonic Organization to ask them to sponsor you for the conference. Be prepared to explain the conference to them, and why you wish to attend. They may or may not pay part or all of your registration. Their recommendation is all that is required. If you don’t know how to contact a local Lodge, you can use the PA Grand Lodge’s Lodge Locator.

If you live outside of PA, you may still be able to attend. Call us to find out more.

LifeSkills is for …

First-timers – “LifeSkills Classic” continues to be refined and revised to give all conferees the best possible learning and growth experience. You’ll never forget this week! First-time attendees will receive registration priority up until the registration deadline.

Returnees – A limited number of repeating conferees will have the chance to re-experience some of their previous LifeSkills week, and to add to their knowledge and confidence with new activities designed especially for them. Due to increasing demand, however, you may only repeat the conference one time.

LifeChangers – Youth 17-21, including LifeSkills “graduates” may apply to attend this “next step” program, where participants will continue to develop their proven leadership potential, and will learn to teach others the LifeSkills principles of respect, responsibility, and relationships.

Counselors-In-Training – A few youth between 17 and 21 are invited to serve as associate staff for the week, and to further their leadership experience. The C.I.T. program is by invitation only. C.I.T.’s are generally selected from among the attendees and graduates of LifeChangers

Adult Staff – Our adult volunteers tell us they’re sure they get more out of the Conference than the youth possibly could! Whether that’s so or not, we know that adults who volunteer once usually ask to come back again. If you’re over 21 and interested in working with youth, contact us about how you might become a LifeSkills volunteer. We’ll usually ask you to come and visit a conference for a few days prior to volunteering for the whole week, so you’ll know what to expect if you volunteer full-time the next year.

If you are having difficulty determining whether you are eligible for the conference, contact the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation.


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