College and Career Readiness Program, 2022
June 12-16, 2022

This program aims to identify the big questions of college and career orientation that youth face today. The College and Career Readiness Program strives for youth participants to take an introspective look at one’s own personal attributes, such as strengths, motivations, personality, and aspirations, while gaining a sense of where one fits into the larger community. A team of curriculum writers have developed this program, stemming from the need exhibited by youth to gain a stronger sense of themselves. Teens and soon-to-be young adults begin to make decisions that impact their future. As a result, gaining knowledge of the tools they have to navigate these times becomes important. Through expert research, this program has been designed with an intent on direct instruction, self-reflection, taking the TruMotivate assessment, engaging activities, group discussions, guest speakers, and even an opportunity for resume writing instruction.

Belief Statement & Model of Intentional Change

We believe that an individual’s true readiness for higher education or career is directly related to an intentional authorship of their past, present, and future story, the quality of their relationships, and their ability to demonstrate resilience in the face of change.

~Dr. Richard Boyatzis, Case Western Reserve University

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