The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation (then the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation) was established in December, 1981, under the direction of then-Right Worshipful Grand Master Samuel C. Williamson. Seeing a need for an organization that would put into practice the Masonic fraternity’s commitment to our Commonwealth’s young people, Brother Williamson directed the Grand Lodge to create and endow a foundation to serve Pennsylvania’s Masonically-sponsored youth groups. Brother Williamson encapsulated his vision for Masonic involvement with youth this way:

“The soundest investment we can make is an investment in the youth of our land, for they are the leaders of the future. From their ranks will come the statesmen, educators, politicians, ministers, scientists, and future presidents of this great country, and Freemasonry must make quite sure that it provides a generous portion of that leadership.”

The new Foundation Board was tasked with converting the former Thomas Ranken Patton Masonic School for Boys into a conference center for youth. The facility was a trade school for Masonically-related orphans which had closed in 1976, and had three good buildings for the purpose. The Youth Foundation took up immediate residency there, and early conferences were held in former machine and brick shops until rennovations could be made. Two major construction projects, the first in 1983, the most recent in 1998, have turned the old Patton School into a top-grade youth conference center.

In 2006, the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation merged with the former PA Masonic Foundation for Children, assuming their roles in supporting prevention and education efforts among all of Pennsylania’s children and youth, while continuing their previous mission of support to the Masonic-sponsored youth groups of PA and other important programs.

The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation is proud to continue making history among Pennsylvania’s youth, and to be involved in the lives of the leaders who will write tomorrow’s history for all of us!


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