Masonic Conference Center
Patton Hall
1244 Bainbridge Hall
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

For inquiries or to contact staff members, please call (800) 266-8424 or email

The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to developing leadership and character among the youth of Pennsylvania. Since 1982, we’ve been active in providing resources, training, conferences, and adult leadership to a variety of Pennsylvania Masonic sponsored youth groups, with programs continually expanding to serve more youth in more areas of the state.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation is to lead the Masonic Fraternity in providing services on behalf of young people, and training for adults who work for the betterment of youth.

To accomplish this Mission, the Foundation will enhance the programs of the Masonic Youth Groups, support initiatives to keep children safe from violence, abuse and exploitation, and provide specialized education for adults who offer leadership to youth in the Commonwealth.