Virtual Grand Assembly

On July 10 and 11, 2020, Pennsylvania Rainbow held the first-ever Virtual Grand Assembly. The broadcast took place live from the Masonic Temple in Altoona with the Grand Worthy Advisor, Calista Cavanuagh, and Supreme Inspector, Helen Snedden, leading the festivities. A few other PA Rainbow members and Advisors were present for the live presentation while practicing proper social distance protocols. The stream was available through youtube and Facebook, thanks to the assistance of Klock Entertainment.

Friday night consisted of the traditional opening ceremony, with many Masonic dignitaries giving their best wishes and congratulations. After the opening session, a dance party was held through youtube, with the Grand Worthy Advisor and her entourage enjoying the music on site. On Saturday, the Grand Worthy Advisor, Calista Cavanaugh gave her outgoing remarks, while the new Grand Worthy Advisor, Steffanie Barth, was installed into office. PA Rainbow did the best to provide everything virtual that they would have held in person, including competitions and a talent show that the viewers could vote on. Although the girls would have liked to attend the Grand Assembly in person, this was a great substitution given the current circumstances. 

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