Meaningful Contacts

Pennsylvania covers a large extent of territory, with Lodges in every corner of this great commonwealth.  Unfortunately, the MasIMG_20150202_170243795_HDR[1]onic Youth Groups are not quite as well-represented across the state, so it is harder for some Lodges and new members to visit them to meet various awards criteria.  But it isn’t impossible, if you know when the youth groups meet!

To help in this situation, the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation is publishing a DIRECTORY OF THE MASONIC YOUTH GROUPS that meet in Pennsylvania, organized by location, but with a cross-reference listing by Masonic District to help locate nearby groups.  The directory includes contact information for the key adult leader in each group– the DeMolay Chapter Advisor, the Job’s Daughters’ Bethel Guardian, and the Rainbow Mother Advisor.

Distribution of these directories will be limited to the Grand Lodge family, Worshipful Masters, Secretaries, Lodge Representatives to the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation, and the youth group leaders, themselves.  It will not be posted in public on the internet or emailed on request to anyone who asks for it.  If you need to use the Directory, you will have to seek out one of the officers listed above who will receive it.

Or, you can always call the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation offices at 1-800-266-8424 and we’ll try to assist you in your efforts to visit one of our Masonic Youth Groups.

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