What is bullying, nowadays?

downloadWhen the average adult thinks of bullying, he or she often conjures up images of a playground nemisis, bulky and over developed, demanding lunch money from a smaller, brainy child with glasses and bad acne. The reality of bullying today couldn’t be any further from this image.

Ms. Deb McCoy, the President of Educational Development Services, LLC, teaches workshops, sponsored by PMYF, that address the kind of bullying that goes on today. The titles of her workshops are a great example of some of the issues she discussed:

  • Generation DIVA
  • Digital Drame: Walking Through the Student Cyber World
  • Sexual Harassment, Cyberbullying, and Cyber Shaming
  • Hazed and Confused: Defining and Tracking Hazing, Harrassment, and Bullying

The day to day of what our children face is dramatically different than what cartoons and televisions shows often lead us to believe. Children are finding new and insidious ways to bully each other, often without realizing the ramifications of their actions or the effect they are having on other people. By educating teachers, administrators, and even the students themselves, Ms. McCoy works to combat these problems and makes schools a more welcoming and safe place that is concerned with learning and building up, rather than demeaning and tearing down.

You can read a full description of workshops offered and learn more about our Education and  Prevention Program here.