All Recipients

The following are the individuals honored to date with the HODEGOS award. Our continued thanks to these deserving individuals!

Individuals in italics are charter class honorees.

Honoree Organization Year
Bro. H. Wesley Baker DeMolay 2006
Bro. David W. Berry
Mrs. Nancy Blackwood
Rainbow for Girls
Bro. Eric B. Blew
PA DeMolay
Bro. Rodney E. Boyce
Mrs. Sandra Chillas Job’s Daughters 2009
Mrs. Loretta Chubb
Job’s Daughters
Bro. John Colaianne DeMolay 2008
Mrs. Deborah Ehrhart
Job’s Daughters
Mrs. Dolores Ehrenfeld Rainbow for Girls 2005
Bro. Robert L. Engel DeMolay 2005
Bro. Joseph Fink Job’s Daughters 2008
Bro. Richard N. Fitzsimmons DeMolay 2006
Bro. Rick S. Freedman
Bro. Dr. Andrew S. Freiberg
Job’s Daughters
Mrs. Kathryn Geary Rainbow for Girls 2010
Bro. William M. Glose, III DeMolay 2005
Mrs. Eugenia Harcar Rainbow for Girls 2005
Bro. Richard Hall
Job’s Daughters 2005
Mrs. Sara Hall Job’s Daughters 2005
Bro. Douglas R. Harms DeMolay 2011
Mrs. Janette M. Harms Job’s Daughters 2009
Mrs. Ruth Hodge Rainbow for Girls 2005
Mrs. Beryl L. Hogue Rainbow for Girls 2005
Mrs. Carla Holderbaum Rainbow for Girls 2013
Mrs. Rebecca Hubley Job’s Daughters 2005
Mrs. Phyllis V. Keck Job’s Daughters 2014
Bro. Thomas R. Kepler Job’s Daughters 2010
Miss Teresa Kuhns Job’s Daughters 2010
Bro. Thomas R. Labagh
PMYF 2005
Bro. J. Michael Larkin DeMolay 2010
Mrs. Jeanine M. Larkin DeMolay 2011
Mrs. Lee Ann Larson Job’s Daughters 2007
Bro. Donald P. Line
Rainbow for Girls
Mrs. Louise B. Metka Rainbow for Girls 2011
Mrs. Kimberly Miller Job’s Daughters 2013
Mrs. Nancy Morris
Job’s Daughters 2005
Mrs. Yvonne Neigh Rainbow for Girls 2013
Mrs. P.J. O’Neill Rainbow for Girls 2010
Bro. Thomas G. Orris
Job’s Daughters 2006
Mrs. Patricia M. Palo
DeMolay 2013
Mrs. Marjorie Parks Rainbow for Girls 2008
Mrs. Rhonda J. Pilarcik Job’s Daughters 2011
Mr. Joseph Preletz
DeMolay 2005
Bro. Curtis R. Rauschenberger DeMolay 2008
Mrs. Donna Salazar Rainbow for Girls 2005
Bro. Gregory M. Schaeffer DeMolay 2013
Mrs. Anita Scott Rainbow for Girls 2007
Mrs. Mary Beth Seifert Rainbow for Girls 2008
Mrs. Debra J. (Setnar) Vanek DeMolay 2010
Bro. Dennis J. Snedden Rainbow for Girls 2014
Mrs. Helen B. Snedden Rainbow for Girls 2009
Bro. Richard D. Snyder
Job’s Daughters 2006
Ms. Sharon Shaeffer Job’s Daughters 2008
Bro. Jay W. Smith
Bro. Jason B. Stains
Job’s Daughters
Mrs. Louise Swartzbaugh Job’s Daughters 2013
Mrs. Donna Taylor
Job’s Daughters 2005
Bro. Christopher H. Tecklenburg DeMolay 2009
Mrs. Mary Ann Wagner Rainbow for Girls 2011
Mrs. Linda E. Watson Job’s Daughters 2011
Mrs. Joyce Washburn Rainbow for Girls 2009
Bro. Robert A. Weinberger DeMolay 2009
Mrs. Dorothy L. Wester Rainbow for Girls 2014
Bro. Samuel C. Williamson DeMolay 2005

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